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There are quite a number of steps the average consumer takes before he can decide on what goods and services he wants to buy. Most of the times, the consumer will research what various service providers as well as other sellers offer through other people close to them. In the past, the consumer report magazine was such a strong part of the consumers’ journey with regards to shopping. It educated them on what options were available to them in the market.

Today, a lot of what consumers buy is available through the web. The Internet connects consumers with buyers after it has also linked them up with crucial information they might need to make good purchases. E-commerce companies for one, help link their customers with good sellers on their platforms with open customer review applications. Essay writing companies however, don’t share much of the information a consumer would like to have when they are shopping for an essay.

What student consumers can do

Students are motivated to buy essays for a variety of reasons. The most common one is lack of time to write the papers by themselves. Students also need essay writing services whenever they are swamped with activities or duties. They need to rely on other third party websites when they need custom essay writers because not all essay writing companies provide them with the vital shopping information.

Why it matters

In a free fall environment, consumers are bound to make mistakes in their shopping. Mistakes from bad judgment can be avoided if consumers are keen on choosing the essay writing companies they use wisely. Since there is little or no oversight on the essay writing industry, rogue essay writers have been all rage. Students can avoid choosing such types of characters by reading reviews offered for free by pfsacademy.org.

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How it works

We have collected real customer reviews from people who have used or hired an essay writing company before. The reviews they shared were used to come up with a list of top essay services. Since we are constantly updating our systems with fresh customer feedback, the rankings change. To add on that, we publish customer comments to support their ratings.

We also ask some of the experts on the websites to investigate different essay writing companies. The experts collect and write summary reviews about a company’s hiring practices that might affect the quality of papers written, the discounts they offer, among others.